FitKids LLC  "Fit Beginnings For Healthier Lives"





Thank you for your interest in FitKids LLC.  Our goal is to change the way that children look at their food choices at an impressionable age in order for them to become more health conscious.  

FitKids has developed a "nutritional health tool" to support Kindergarten, first and second grade health education programs and curriculum.  Based on the USDA recommendations, the FitKids puzzle reinforces the importance of a daily balanced diet to "complete"a healthy, strong body in conjunction with daily excercise.  (Information regarding serving sizes is available at  

FitKids hopes that every child will learn to set nutritional goals for themselves and continue to set higher standards for their personal health into their adulthood.  

"The longer a behavior is practiced the more likely it becomes habit".  


Children/Ages 0-2 years

Almost 10% of children under the age of  2 are overweight. Only 1 in 4 children get their daily dietary requirements recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)


Overweight adolescence have a 70-80% chance of becoming overweight adults.


One in three American teens is overweight or obese; nearly triple the rate in 1963.


The prevalence of obesity has increased from 13% of adults in 1980 to 34% in 2012.  Some experts believe that at present rates, 75% of American adults will be overweight by 2015.

​Health Concerns 

Childhood Diseases

Among children today, obesity is causing a broad range of health problems that previously weren't seen until adulthood.  Coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancers, hypertension, stroke, liver and gallbladder disease, and osteoarthritis are all risk-enhanced results of childhood obesity.  Risks for these conditions increases as weight increases. Further, obese children are more prone to low self-esteem, negative body image and depression.

Financial Impact 

Obesity is contributing to 112,000 preventable deaths each year.  It's impact on our health care system equated to $147 billion in 2008, with those costs continuing to rise at an alarming rate.  $$$



This information should be alarming to all of us.  However, as discouraging as these statistics are we can change our future with changes today! Eating right as a family as well as teaching the importance of exercise at an early age, is important to insure good future habits.

"The Fitkids  program helps students keep track of what they are eating and reminds them that they need to excercise on a daily basis"